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Commercial biofuels now available in New Zealand


Gull New Zealand has launched the first commercially available biofuel for New Zealand motorists.

As Prime Minister Helen Clark poured New Zealand's first biofuel petrol she commented, "I congratulate Gull on being the first oil company to make this move - well before the Biofuels Sales Obligation starts next year."

According to Climate Change Minister, David Parker, the Biofuels Sales Obligation will require fuel companies to make up 3.4% of their fuel sales through biofuels by the year 2012. "Introducing biofuels to New Zealand will reduce overall emissions of carbon dioxide from New Zealand vehicles and will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than a million tonnes between 2008 and 2012," exclaimed Parker.

Despite the strong international trend in moving more fuel consumption to biofuels, there has been some concern over the use of such fuels in older vehicles. To help calm such fears, Chief Executive of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, Mike Underhill issued the following statement, "Biofuels are used by hundreds of millions of vehicles across the world everyday without problems. We know that they are compatible with the majority of the New Zealand fleet.". The biofuel blend being offered in New Zealand is claimed to be of a high standard and includes corrosion inhibitors to reduce the possibility of damage to older vehicles.

For more information on biofuels in New Zealand, contact the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority. The EECA have produced an informational brochure to enable the public to learn more about bioethanol.

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